Flockets.com - A Brand Showcase


Flockets (n.) - A shirt with a fleece pocket.

Flockets is a newly launched apparel company with an incredible cause; a portion of proceeds from the sale of the fleece pocket shirts will go to support the medical bills of families who have kids battling illness.

The Goal

In a time crunch to launch their brand, Flockets was seeking help to design an appealing and fun website and also understood the importance of having a professional e-commerce presence on their website. Together, Adventum and Flockets scheduled time for a lifestyle photo shoot with the intent to capture people wearing flockets and design images that were modern and appealing. The intent of these images was to not only be used on the website as headers and marketing photos but also could be used to launch the brand's social media presence.

The website was meant to be simple as the offerings at launch time would be minimal. The brand represents fun patterns of fleece blankets and also helping children's families who are battling illness so more abstract and fun fonts were used as well as bright colors. The professionalism of the brand is on display utilizing professional product photos and appealing photos throughout the site to keep customers engaged and imagine themselves wearing one of these colorful pocketed shirts.