Fleece and Thank You Showcases Special Blanket Making Event


Fleece and Thank You is a Michigan based non-profit with an incredible mission: providing bright, warm fleece blankets to children in the hospital. In Michigan each year, there are over 30,000 kids that enter the hospital for treatment that would benefit from receiving a fleece blanket.

In order to make it possible to reach the goal of ALL children being able to receive a blanket, Fleece and Thank You depends on blanket-making events that take place around the state. At these events, volunteers take blanket kits and turn them into a finished fleece blanket. Once their blanket is made, they can create a video message to send to the warrior in the hospital that will eventually receive their blanket.

The Goal

The goal of this video project was to the promote the fun, easy going, and friendly atmosphere at a blanket making event. These events are a time for communities to gather and work together on a great cause. With music playing, fun activities for the kids, and much more, these events are high energy and high fun.

In order to showcase this, a vision for a fast-paced video showcasing both the blanket making process and the fun atmosphere at the event was developed. This event is was also special because kids from the Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan were making blankets for other kids in the hospital battling illness.